February 12, 2024

2024 engagements

LARAAJI SOLO & COllAB SCHEDULE 2024 (2.12.24) ๐Ÿ”ถ March Thur 14th 6-9pm LARAAJI LIVE at Chelsea Art Gallery 542 west 22nd St (10th-11th ave) Hauser & Wirth NYC Durational LAUGHTER & CELESTIAL SOUND BATH ๐ŸŸข March Fri 22-Sat 23 Big Ears Festival Knoxville ,TN LAUGHTER RELEASE MEDITATION . LARAAJI & Arji OceAnanda ๐ŸŸฃMarch 24 Sunday BIG EARS FESTIVAL ,Knoxville,TN collab concert /Suphala & LARAAJI Seasoned Tabla Artist & Virtuoso multi instrumentalist in IMPROVISATION. ๐ŸŸฉ March 26 Tues-Sat April 6th Australia ๐ŸŸฃ APRIL Monday 8th Syracuse ,NY MOON PIANO improvisation for the ECLIPSE ๐Ÿ”บ Fri April 12 BARD COLLEGE LARAAJI Live Performance TBC ๐ŸŸฉ Saturday, April 13 Knockdown center ,Queens NY ๐ŸŸง APRIL 17-18th LARAAJI & Arji OceAnanda at LAX AIRPORT Los Angeles, CA ๐ŸŸขThursday-18th Miracle Theatre Inglewood,CA ๐ŸŸฃSat-Sun 20 -21 Ojai playhouse, Ojai , CA ๐ŸŸ Weds 24th Berkeley,CA FREIGHT AND SALVAGE end of tour. ๐ŸŸฉ Sat April 26th SEGUE TO INFINITY tour Epiphany Center for the Arts. 201 S Ashland Ave. Chicago,IL 60607 7pm doors Show 8pm (SAM PREKOP opening) ๐ŸŸ May 3 Friday Denver,CO LARAAJI SINGS Live LEAF music FESTIVAL .. ๐Ÿ’ฆ May 10th Friday THE Music Gallery festival Toronto,Canada LAUGHTER AND MUSIC DURATIONAL ๐ŸŸ  Sat May 11th Hamilton, Ontario Concert ๐ŸŸขFri May 17th Portland,OR SEGUE TO INFINITY tour - First Congregational UCC PORTLAND,1126 SE Park Ave.Portland, OR 97205 doors 7pm Show 8pm ( Sam Prekop opening) ๐ŸŸขSat May 18th Seattle,WA SEGUE TO INFINITY tour Seattle First Baptist, 1111 Harvard Ave. Seattle,WA 98122 Doors 7pm Show 8pm(Sam Prekop opening artist) ๐ŸŸงJune 1-2 Asheville NC AYURPRANA CENTER CELESTIAL MUSIC PERFORMANCE & PLAYSHOP with Arji OceAnanda ๐ŸŸฃJune 24-26th Vancouver,BC, WEEKEND IN PARADISE ๐ŸŸข July 4 -8th Phoenicia, NEW YORK Ascending the mystical mountain Menla mountain NY https://menla.org/retreat/ascending-the-mystical-mountain-sonic-tibetan-healing-journey/ Ascending the Mystical Mountain: Sonic Tibetan Healing Journey ☀️ ๐Ÿ August 22-28th world Sanskrit day ANANDA ASHRAM Monroe NY ananda@anandaashram.org 845.782.5575 ๐ŸŸ  September Sat 8th INDIANAPOLIS concert ๐ŸŸข November Fri 1 -Sat 2 Hamburg ,Germany ๐ŸŸฉ

September 28, 2022

Meditation:You Are Relaxed

Recent new musical collaboration release MEDITATION: You Are Relaxed Endel-LARAAJI https://ffm.to/endellaraaji.AKM

March 24, 2022

Early CD music (check for current availability)

LARAAJI early CD's LIST 01 AS BLISS - Serene\, ambient musical sound flow with \,nature sounds\, restful\, contemplative listening . release 2011 $17 02 CELESTIAL MUSIC 1978-2011 A long awaited retrospective of LARAAJI's solo and collaborative music performance recordings released 2013 All Saint & Warp records In double CD album $22 03 THE TWO SIDES OF LARAAJI. This double cd re-issue of THE WAY OUT IS THE WAY IN with Japanese dub step artists Audio Active & FLOW GOES THE UNIVERSE Classic LARAAJI solo live concert /studio performances 2013. $22 04 RAPTURE - Flowing Zither Washes -CONTINUAL SERENE- Eb MAJOR /2010 $17 05 HAPPY FEET SONG - Popular energizing Happy body SING-A-LONG\, Great Car music for staying awake $17 06 OM NAMAH SHIVAYA - Very popular & enchanting 1984 cassette only release of inspirational Vocal chant-electronic keyboard music. now only on CD $15 & Vinyl $25 O7 CELESTIAL REALMS I - Laraaji & Jonathan Goldman 1983 collaborate for this multi instrumental healing\, meditative\, calming music journey $17& Vinyl $25 08 CELESTIAL REALMS II - Laraaji\, J.Goldman\, Saruah Benson 2003 collaboration with Zither\,Voice\,Guitar & Flute $17 09 ESSENCE-UNIVERSE - 1985 - Serene continual Zither trance scape\, with subtle voice and chime tones..re-released on All Saint & Warp Records 2013 $17 10 WHITE LIGHT MUSIC - 1986 - Solo contemplative Zither/Harp in open tuning\, free hand gentle style \,non percussive $17 11 SAVASANA TONE DRONE - Very quiet\, minimal tone music for accompanying deep inner stillness of SAVASANA Yoga Pose $17 12 VISION SONGS - Songs of vision and bliss with Rich vocals\, Zither/Harp and Keyboard Synthesizer 1983 $17 13 BRING FORTH Your Highest Vision - Vocal / instrumental songs .1986 $17 14 SHIVA-SHAKTI GROOVE - Devotional Vocal - Multi instrumental music \,ecstatic\, groove oriented some laughter 2003 $17 15 DIVINATION - Laraaji & B.Laswell Meta collaborate with electric Zither & Bass for this musical chill zone dreamscape 2002 $17 16 CELESTIAL WATER GARDEN - 2006/ Gentle Soft Kalimba & Ambient Appalachia Zither-Harp with live Mt.water stream blending for a most soothing enchanting sound blessing..74 minutes continual.. Gorgeously Peaceful $17 17 LAUGHTER & CONSCIOUSNESS - Live class intro to medicinal laughter exercises \,includes Happy Feet song\, Call and Response chanting\, Celestial music\, Gong meditation and lots of spontaneous laughter. Double CD set Co-facilitated with Arji OceAnanda 2002 $22 18 AMBIENT ZITHER IN G PENTATONIC - Very gentle continual Zither/Harp music in G major Pentatonic tuning tuning known for its peace inducing quality 2007 $17 19 CHAKRA BALANCING MUSIC - Gentle Electric Keyboard Improvisation attunement to the 7 chakra color-tone balancing system.. 2004 $17 20 MOUNTAIN CREEK WATER - Continual flowing natural Mt.creek Water as gentle background sound.. restful and rejuvenating 2007. $17 21 ZITHER BLISS - Gentle Easy Zither/Harp improvisation music \, Relaxing non-percussive\, 2003 $17 22 SONIC PORTALS - Multi-instrumental musical compositions for Keyboard synthesizer\, Zither/Harp\, Voice\, Rhythm loops encompassing a variety of moods from contemplative to trance dance\, 2008. $17 23 DIVINE LULLABYE/ - Soothing restful vocal instrumental lullabye loop .. Beautifully peaceful $15 24 OCEAN OF NADAM - Live Celestial Music Concert NYC NOV 2011 $17 25 EVOLUTION - New Multi-instrumental Musical sound Improvisations\, 2012 $17 26 Live Collaboration Concerts: with sound healer ARJI OceAnanda #1 Live at Indianapolis Museum of Art \, May 2014\, $17 #2 Live at BIG EARS FESTIVAL \, March 2014 Knoxville\,TN $17 #3 Live at DUB LAB Studio Los Angeles\,Ca August 2013 $17 (In 3 cd album $30) 27 CELESTIAL VIBRATION through EDWARD LARRY GORDON early experimental electronic zither/harp & KALIMBA resulting in his first vinyl recording 1978.. Re-released by Jazz Soul record on cd $17 & Vinyl $25 CD's price plus $3.50 shipping for 1st\, add $.50 for each additional US orders allow 7-10 day delivery shipping First Class Mail. International orders shipped according to international shipping fees.. REQUESTS TO: laraaji@yahoo.com CHECK or MO Payments TO: EDWARD GORDON( LARAAJI ) PO Box 227 Cathedral Station\, New York\, New York 10025-0227 USA or to PAYPAL ACCOUNT : laraaji@yahoo.com Contact LARAAJI : Phone NYC 1-212-281-0053 Em: laraaji@yahoo.com Web: laraaji.blogspot.com Thank you for your Laraaji Celestial Music Cd order.๐ŸŒ… *******

May 26, 2020



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Laraaji - with Arji OceAnanda (April 6, 2019)


8- Laraaji's concert National Sawdust,Brooklyn,NY 2019 : with Arji OceAnanda

release on 4.29.20

With Arji OceAnanda

10 - WAVE HILL , NYC 2019 

September 19, 2019

Live Tiny Desk Performance June 2019 Youtube

YouTube  live performance TINY DESK June 2019
LARAAJ & Arji OceAnanda


November 13, 2015