March 19, 2024

Engagements 2024

2024 LARAAJI engagements  LARAAJI SOLO & COllAB SCHEDULE 2024 (6.12.24) 🟩March 26 Tues-Sat April 6th Melbourne & Sydney Australia 🟣 APRIL Monday 8th / 12-6pm The G Lodge, 81 Keller Road ,Hannibal,NY MOON PIANO improvisation for the SOLAR ECLIPSE < > 🟧 Fri April 12 BARD COLLEGE LARAAJI Live Performance Smog venue 8pm NY UPSTATE 🟩 Saturday, April 13 Knockdown center ,52-19 Flushing Ave. Maspeth,NY 11378 -7pm 🟧 APRIL 17-18th LARAAJI & Arji OceAnanda TOUR at LAX AIRPORT performances Los Angeles, CA 🟢Thursday-18th Miracle Theatre Inglewood,CA 7pm 🟣Sat-Sun 20 -21 Ojai, CA TOUR 🟠Weds 24th Berkeley,CA FREIGHT AND SALVAGE end of tour. 7pm 🟩 Fri April 26th REFLECTIONS SOLAR REUNION tour Epiphany Center for the Arts. 201 S Ashland Ave. Chicago,IL 60607 7pm doors Show 8pm (SAM PREKOP opening) Sat April 27th Solar Reunion tour st Ann's Church Brooklyn,NY 7pm doors with Sam Prekop 7pm doors 🟠May 3 Friday Lafayette CO LARAAJI LEAF music FESTIVAL .. May 6 Monday LAUGHTER BEST MEDICINE @PERFORMANCE SPACE,150 1st ave, NYC 6:30pm free to public , 4th floor(old ps 122) 🟣May 10th Friday 8pm Bathurst Centre for Cultural Arts, Media abd Education,918 Bathurst St.Toronto, ON Canada THE Music Gallery festival LAUGHTER AND MUSIC DURATIONAL 🟠 Sat May 11th Hamilton, Ontario Concert 7pm 🟢Fri May 17th Portland,OR REFLECTIONS SOLAR REUNION tour - First Congregational UCC PORTLAND,1126 SE Park Ave.Portland, OR 97205 doors 7pm Show 8pm ( Sam Prekop opening) 🟩Sat May 18th Seattle,WA REFLECTIONS SOLAR REUNION tour Seattle First Baptist, 1111 Harvard Ave. Seattle,WA 98122 Doors 7pm Show 8pm(Sam Prekop opening artist) 🟣May 21 Tues TriBeCa NYC concert 6pm 🟩May Tues 28th Dumbo 68 Jay St. 6th flr contact dance live sound scape ,NY 6:30pm 🟪May Weds 29th Joes Pub SOPHIAS CLUB NYC 6pm 🟧June 1-2 Asheville NC AYURPRANA LISTENING ROOM CELESTIAL MUSIC PERFORMANCE & LAUGHTER PLAYSHOP with Arji OceAnanda 🟩June 8 Oslo, Norway(with Mary Lattimore) 🟨June Friday 14 Asbury Park,NJ 12-1pm LAUGHTER MEDITATION 503 Asbury Ave., Asbury Park NJ 07712
7pm Sonic Mass( "Day of Radiance Zither improvisation" with LIQUID LIGHT LAB 503 Asbury Ave., Asbury Park in J07712 JUNE 15, Merkin Hall,NYC 7pm NY GUITAR FEST 129 W. 67th St., New York City 10023 Sun JUNE 16 BOMBYX -Center for arts and equity 130 Pine St. Florence mass CELESTIAL SOUND BATH 7pm Tues June 18th ABCD DANCE JAM /Laughter Meditation playshop Northampton,Mass Sun JUNE 23 LAUGHTER BEST MEDICINE , OMEGA INST NY 11-1pm 🟣June 24-26th Vancouver,BC, A WEEK IN PARADISE TUES JUNE 25th CELESTIAL SOUND PERFORMANCE 7:30pm WEDS JUNE 26th LAUGHTER WORKSHOP 🟢 July 3rd-7th Phoenicia, NEW YORK Ascending the mystical mountain Menla mountain NY Ascending the Mystical Mountain: Sonic Tibetan Healing Journey 🟧August 2-3, Idyllwild Festival Idyllwild, CA 🟠August 22-28th world Sanskrit day ANANDA ASHRAM Monroe NY 845.782.5575  with Arji OceAnanda August 24th The Stone NYC w Immanuel Wilkins eveninb 🟪Sept 28 Cincinnati,ohio 🟢 November Fri 1 - Cologne/Sat Nov 2,UBERJAZZ FESTIVAL Hamburg ,Germany /Sun Nov 3 BERLIN "SILENT GREEN"/ CUPELHALLE VENUE 🟩 Enquiry:

September 28, 2022

Meditation:You Are Relaxed

Recent new musical collaboration release MEDITATION: You Are Relaxed Endel-LARAAJI

March 24, 2022

Early CD music (check for current availability)

LARAAJI early CD's LIST 01 AS BLISS - Serene\, ambient musical sound flow with \,nature sounds\, restful\, contemplative listening . release 2011 $17 02 CELESTIAL MUSIC 1978-2011 A long awaited retrospective of LARAAJI's solo and collaborative music performance recordings released 2013 All Saint & Warp records In double CD album $22 03 THE TWO SIDES OF LARAAJI. This double cd re-issue of THE WAY OUT IS THE WAY IN with Japanese dub step artists Audio Active & FLOW GOES THE UNIVERSE Classic LARAAJI solo live concert /studio performances 2013. $22 04 RAPTURE - Flowing Zither Washes -CONTINUAL SERENE- Eb MAJOR /2010 $17 05 HAPPY FEET SONG - Popular energizing Happy body SING-A-LONG\, Great Car music for staying awake $17 06 OM NAMAH SHIVAYA - Very popular & enchanting 1984 cassette only release of inspirational Vocal chant-electronic keyboard music. now only on CD $15 & Vinyl $25 O7 CELESTIAL REALMS I - Laraaji & Jonathan Goldman 1983 collaborate for this multi instrumental healing\, meditative\, calming music journey $17& Vinyl $25 08 CELESTIAL REALMS II - Laraaji\, J.Goldman\, Saruah Benson 2003 collaboration with Zither\,Voice\,Guitar & Flute $17 09 ESSENCE-UNIVERSE - 1985 - Serene continual Zither trance scape\, with subtle voice and chime on All Saint & Warp Records 2013 $17 10 WHITE LIGHT MUSIC - 1986 - Solo contemplative Zither/Harp in open tuning\, free hand gentle style \,non percussive $17 11 SAVASANA TONE DRONE - Very quiet\, minimal tone music for accompanying deep inner stillness of SAVASANA Yoga Pose $17 12 VISION SONGS - Songs of vision and bliss with Rich vocals\, Zither/Harp and Keyboard Synthesizer 1983 $17 13 BRING FORTH Your Highest Vision - Vocal / instrumental songs .1986 $17 14 SHIVA-SHAKTI GROOVE - Devotional Vocal - Multi instrumental music \,ecstatic\, groove oriented some laughter 2003 $17 15 DIVINATION - Laraaji & B.Laswell Meta collaborate with electric Zither & Bass for this musical chill zone dreamscape 2002 $17 16 CELESTIAL WATER GARDEN - 2006/ Gentle Soft Kalimba & Ambient Appalachia Zither-Harp with live Mt.water stream blending for a most soothing enchanting sound blessing..74 minutes continual.. Gorgeously Peaceful $17 17 LAUGHTER & CONSCIOUSNESS - Live class intro to medicinal laughter exercises \,includes Happy Feet song\, Call and Response chanting\, Celestial music\, Gong meditation and lots of spontaneous laughter. Double CD set Co-facilitated with Arji OceAnanda 2002 $22 18 AMBIENT ZITHER IN G PENTATONIC - Very gentle continual Zither/Harp music in G major Pentatonic tuning tuning known for its peace inducing quality 2007 $17 19 CHAKRA BALANCING MUSIC - Gentle Electric Keyboard Improvisation attunement to the 7 chakra color-tone balancing system.. 2004 $17 20 MOUNTAIN CREEK WATER - Continual flowing natural Mt.creek Water as gentle background sound.. restful and rejuvenating 2007. $17 21 ZITHER BLISS - Gentle Easy Zither/Harp improvisation music \, Relaxing non-percussive\, 2003 $17 22 SONIC PORTALS - Multi-instrumental musical compositions for Keyboard synthesizer\, Zither/Harp\, Voice\, Rhythm loops encompassing a variety of moods from contemplative to trance dance\, 2008. $17 23 DIVINE LULLABYE/ - Soothing restful vocal instrumental lullabye loop .. Beautifully peaceful $15 24 OCEAN OF NADAM - Live Celestial Music Concert NYC NOV 2011 $17 25 EVOLUTION - New Multi-instrumental Musical sound Improvisations\, 2012 $17 26 Live Collaboration Concerts: with sound healer ARJI OceAnanda #1 Live at Indianapolis Museum of Art \, May 2014\, $17 #2 Live at BIG EARS FESTIVAL \, March 2014 Knoxville\,TN $17 #3 Live at DUB LAB Studio Los Angeles\,Ca August 2013 $17 (In 3 cd album $30) 27 CELESTIAL VIBRATION through EDWARD LARRY GORDON early experimental electronic zither/harp & KALIMBA resulting in his first vinyl recording 1978.. Re-released by Jazz Soul record on cd $17 & Vinyl $25 CD's price plus $3.50 shipping for 1st\, add $.50 for each additional US orders allow 7-10 day delivery shipping First Class Mail. International orders shipped according to international shipping fees.. REQUESTS TO: CHECK or MO Payments TO: EDWARD GORDON( LARAAJI ) PO Box 227 Cathedral Station\, New York\, New York 10025-0227 USA or to PAYPAL ACCOUNT : Contact LARAAJI : Phone NYC 1-212-281-0053 Em: Web: Thank you for your Laraaji Celestial Music Cd order.🌅 *******

May 26, 2020



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Laraaji - with Arji OceAnanda (April 6, 2019)


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release on 4.29.20

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10 - WAVE HILL , NYC 2019 

September 19, 2019

Live Tiny Desk Performance June 2019 Youtube

YouTube  live performance TINY DESK June 2019
LARAAJ & Arji OceAnanda

November 13, 2015