May 10, 2018

SPRING-SUMMER 2018 Performances & Laughter Playshops

23/05 Brooklyn,NY Elsewhere-Zone One

Advance Tickets:

02/06 Rockaway Beach,NY. (US)
7-9pm location for gps: 106-01 shore front parkway rockaway, ny is a big green concession building on the beach! -

06/06 Prague (CZ), Palac Akropolis

08/06 Rhodopes Mountains (BG), Meadows In the Mountains Festival

09/06 Rhodopes Mountains (BG), Meadows In the Mountains Festival

13/06 Bern (CH), Dampfzentrale

14/06 Lausanne (CH), Le Bourg

20/06 Aulus-les-Bains (FR), CAMP
21/06 Aulus-les-Bains (FR), CAMP
22/06 Aulus-les-Bains (FR), CAMP
23/06 Aulus-les-Bains (FR), CAMP
24/06 Aulus-les-Bains (FR), CAMP

05/07 Ananda Ashram,Monroe,NY (US)

15/07 Los Angeles,Ca The Lodge Room (US)

19/07  NY,Town Hall w/Animal Collective (US)
20/07 NY,Town Hall w/Animal Collective (US)
21/07 Wash.DC Lincoln w/Animal Collective (US)

22/07 Strange Waves ,Paris (CA)

02/08 Amsterdam (NL), Dekmantel


1pm. (UK)

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